My experience

I have worked within the IT industry since year 2000. By now I have 17 years of professional experience and have held positions as developer, senior developer, project manager, technical consultant, executive manager and partner.

I started my career at a temp agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. I joined when it was a small basement type start-up and built the 2nd version of their website and the first version of their administrative back-end system. Today the company is called Moment. It has grown to be a big player in the market and enjoyed almost two decades of success.

After that I joined another start-up which worked in the blooming digital signage industry. For a number of years there I created software products that were used by big Danish companies like TDC, Nykredit Mæglerne and Københavns Lufthavn.

In 2006 I founded a software company in Vilnius, Lithuania by the name FrontIT. There I managed software teams and was a project manager on numerous, successfully completed IT projects. I worked directly with numerous clients primarily in the Danish market across a number of industries. In 2010 I progressed into being less active within the company in order to be able to re-focus on pure software development that has always been my greatest interest and to be able to select the people I work with more carefully. The company has organically grown to around 20+ employees and continues its expansion.

Currently, I work as a freelance software developer and do software for internet start-ups as well.

Recent, publicly available, web applications that I developed:

For the last 7 years, I have produced and further developed a software tool for DEKO in Denmark. DEKO is a leading world-wide producer of glass partitions. The company uses the software internally to optimize the workflow and facilitate drawing of new partitions.

I am the preferred IT provider of a digital communications agency, WiseMarketing, in Middelfart, Denmark. I deliver websites and mobile apps for their clients - and provide IT consulting and technical SEO services.

I currently function as a technical advisor for Aperitas - a ground-breaking low-cost CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) platform.

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About me

My name is Anders Schultz. I know IT;-)

I am a Danish citizen living in Vilnius, Lithuania, with my wife and four children. I live in Lithuania since 2006 when I came and established an IT company here.

Besides developing software I am passionate about:

  • Personal development - self healing - becoming a better person and father (a lifetime endeavor)
  • Sustainable living - organic, self-sufficient way of life (tech meets nature - life in balance)
  • Seeking ways to achieve inner and outer freedom for mankind (will we ever live in peace?)
  • Blockchain Technology - crypto currencies (the silent revolution - let's build a better world)
  • Retro computer games and modern day adventure games (who has time for that?)
  • Science-fiction and superheroes ( :0 )

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