What is the process?

I keep it simple and efficient.

It all comes down to these basic steps:

  • You describe your idea and your vision to me.
  • I ask questions and we discuss.
  • I share my understanding in a written form (which is the start of our specifications document).
  • You read and comment.
  • I listen and ask more questions.
  • I add more detail to our written specifications.

This continues until I have fully duplicated your vision and I KNOW what your specific needs are.

After that I can work independently and answer many of the smaller questions myself. I will have the necessary insight to find the right solutions. However, the more you engage in the process by taking an interest and giving me feedback, the better the end result will be.

During the development phase I will give you daily or weekly feedback as we agree upon. I will give you access to the system as it is being developed so you can test, gain insights and give feedback often.

A close cooperation is the best way to ensure we stay aligned in terms of product capabilities, design and overall vision.

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