What does it cost?

Let's make it a win-win.

My current hourly fee is 65 EUR per hour ex. VAT

For smaller tasks I can be engaged on an hourly basis.

For larger projects I offer to work on a weekly basis at a cost of 2000 EUR (a discounted hourly rate).

Fixed price vs. period based pay

While software development can be very difficult to estimate, it is understandable that one would like to know upfront how much exactly a project will cost and when software is ready to use. However, the experience in the IT sector suggests that due to a complex and often unpredictable nature of IT development a fixed price and inflexible deadlines frequently set a project up for failure. A far better approach is to split the project up in multiple phases that each takes between, say, 2 to 5 weeks to finish. That is something that can be estimated fairly accurately.

Alternatively, I offer you to hire me on a weekly or monthly basis and I simply work until we are done. That allows me to focus on your project and put my soul into that instead of speculating on how many hours a specific feature will take. In case of a weekly or monthly arrangement I offer you my lowest possible rate.

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