Building great software is less about programming

... and more about finding the right solutions.

I can (in most cases) build the software that you need. Let's find out if we are a match.

I love to:

  • Figure out the best possible way to build something
  • Solve technical challenges (solve the problems you give me)
  • Make software work well and look great
  • Interact with mindful, positive human beings who seek solutions
  • Do my part in making the world a better place

And you?

Are you are a loving human being that is passionate about what you do? Are you emphatic and caring? If you are in a company, does it work for a benefit greater than its own profit? Are you working on something that you cannot wait to share with the world?

Why do I ask?

Because building successful software requires close cooperation and alignment in human values.

Highest chance of success at lowest possible cost

You do not (necessarily) want a faceless company working for your money. You want a person (or persons) whose work is driven by a desire to create something great and make a difference.

Here is why our cooperation might be your best choice:

  • Working with me gives you an experience of working with a knowledgeable IT company for the price of one expert.
  • The one who does the acutal work for you is the one you speak to right from the start. In communicating with me you are talking directly to a technical expert and no details get lost in translation. No lofty promises either from a manager or sales person that cannot later be fulfilled.
  • My experience in the B2B sector ensures that I fully understand your expectations in regards to vendor–client relations.
  • Being an entrepeneur myself and an honest human being I stand by your success rather than sell you things you don‘t really need.

Are we good?

Do you think we might be a match? If so click on and learn more about what I can do for you have done for others and who I am. I am hoping to prove that I am not only a decent human being but a professional with plenty of software development experience that allows me to understand your needs and fulfill your wishes. Considering that I work at a competitive rate and stand by my promises, you may want to get in contact with me a.s.a.p.

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Contact me

Please feel free to reach out.

You can reach me here:



Telegram is an alternative to Skype or WhatsApp - fast, high quality, secure and works on all platforms - get it here:


If you have a potential project or want to find out more about me the easiest way it to connect with me on Telegram. Feel free to write to me any time of the day and I will answer when I am available. If you prefer a voice conversation, please pre-schedule it via email or a Telegram chat.

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